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    COLBERG FITNESS is available via its professional online consultation and live-stream training services. You want results and we have the solution: professional training programming, nutrition advice, and lifestyle optimization.


    Constantin Colberg Fitness Training Personal Training Peking Beijing


    COLBERG FITNESS was opened in 2016 by former German Bodybuilding Champion Constantin Colberg. It quickly became the number one personal training facility for foreigners in Beijing, looking for high-quality coaching services.


    After departing from China Constantin decided to continue providing professional consultation to Personal Training Clients via online tools. Through his online coaching services, Constantin is available for those looking to take their game to the next level, shape up, build muscle, recover from injuries and prepare for competitions such as in Triathlon and Bodybuilding.





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    Get Your Personalized Transformation Program

    Workout - Nutrition - Lifestyle

    Choose between live online training sessions and self-training based according to your personalized training program. You will get workouts that are specifically created for your needs. You can train anywhere you want and only need to let Constantin know what equipment you have available so he can create YOUR training program. Moreover, if you have preferences regarding the foods you eat he will consider those in your personalized meal plan creation.


    Choose between two options:

    1. Pure Online Coaching includes workouts and nutrition suggestions as well as constant online access to your coach.
    2. Online Coaching+ includes everything as Pure Online Coaching plus one-on-one online training class with your coach via video call. This is extremely helpful to improve your technique, increase workout safety, and push you through the last and most important repetitions! You can choose from one class per week up to 7 classes per week. The package price depends on the frequency.

    Once a week your coach will check in and see how you are progressing. This is fantastic for everyone who needs this bit of extra motivation and accountability. At the end of the day your trainer will be happy if you achieve your goal, give your best!


    If you are ready to start or need more information, please scan the QR Wechat code below or contact us via e-mail.

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    colberg fitness review 1


    I strongly believe that for a person's attractiveness, it is the heart that counts and the brain, not the body fat. I totally love training at Colberg Fitness, nevertheless. He selects exercises for me that makes me explore my power and its limits. This reminds me every time that I must take good care of myself.

    colberg fitness review 2


    Ich gehe sehr gerne in Colberg Fitness weil der ehemalige deutsche Bodybuilding Meister von 2017 genau weiß was er macht. Keiner kann so gezielt Körper definieren wie er. Außerdem ist das Training ganzheitlich. Das bedeutet es wird auch über die richtige Ernährung, den Schlaf und Gewohnheiten gesprochen. Es ist ein sehr sauberes Studio und das Publikum ist auch sehr ausgesucht. Hier trainieren nur Leute die langfristig auch wirklich ein Ziel erreichen wollen. Das ist alles sehr motivierend und sorgt für eine gute Stimmung. Am meisten Beeindruckt mich die Disziplin was der Trainier aus einem Kunden rausholen kann. Von meiner eigenen Motivation wär ich da nie hin gekommen, wo der Trainier mich hinbringt und zwar jede Stunde.



    I love going to Colberg Fitness because the former German Bodybuilding Champion from 2017 knows exactly what he is doing. No one can define bodies as precisely as he can. The training is also holistic. That means we also talk about the right nutrition, sleep and habits. It is a very clean studio and the audience is also very selected. Only people who really want to reach a goal in the long run train here. This is all very motivating and creates a good atmosphere. What impresses me the most is the discipline that the trainer can get out of a customer. From my own motivation I would never have achieved where the trainer takes me - every hour.


    colberg fitness review 3


    Colberg Fitness has given me the professional guidance and encouragement to help me meet my goals. Trainings are perfectly designed to identify and target muscles, or muscle groups, in a balanced regime that is uniquely suited to my needs. As I steadily gain strength, I am also growing in confidence and developing a passion for fitness and health. I could not have done this alone. The attention and care I receive from Colberg trainers has made all of this possible.

    colberg fitness review 4


    I’ve been training at Constantin’s studio for over 1.5 years and came with no experience in weight training. I have learned to push myself and felt my body change. I have become stronger and posture has improved a lot. Constantin and his team of personal Trainers have devised a training plan and a diet that is designed for my body type and that never gets boring. And most importantly: without Constantin and Tim pushing me to my limit, I would not be where I am today in terms of fitness and strength.

    colberg fitness review 4


    I met Constantin 6 months ago as I was suffering from shoulder pain. He tailored a workout to target and strengthen the muscles around my injured shoulder. It was a painful and quite difficult process for me but I am amazed at the vast knowledge that Constantin has and how he researched to help my shoulder get better faster too. I can happily say now that aside from treating my shoulder, I also gained muscles and felt much stronger and leaner. I highly recommend him and when you have a session with him, you really get your money’s worth. Be prepared to work hard though as he is very serious when it comes to his craft!

    colberg fitness review 4


    I joined COLBERG Fitness about 9 weeks ago and lost about 4kg but at the same time I gained a good amount of muscle. Finally I can wear my dresses from 5 years ago! A wonderful service and very professional staff. They provided me with fantastic classes as well as with nutrition advice. I can highly recommend this studio.

    colberg fitness review 4


    It's the combination of very professional private training, advice on smart and healthy nutrition, and true friendship with a unique group of personalities at Colberg Fitness, which make for such an excellent experience. Having exercised here for more than one year, I really like the results I am seeing. In the end I know it still is my own achievement, because I am the one sweating and the one controlling my cravings, but it's good to have this support to become who you really can be.

    colberg fitness review 4


    Originally thought to be an addition to physiotherapy to get back full range of movement in my shoulder after surgery it now has become my weekly dose of “torture”, which I’m heavily addicted to. Thank you Constantin, who pushes me to my limits, who shows me how to use my body mechanics and always makes sure that I am putting in at least 120% of effort.

    colberg fitness review 4


    With online coaching from Constantin, I became fitter than I could ever imagine. Before I started I felt like a couch potato whereas now I’m super energetic! His personalized coaching such as the meal planning and the regularly updated workout routines helped me to gain several kg of muscle and lose fat at the same time!

    colberg fitness review 4

    Annette and Christian

    We joined the COLBERG FITNESS Studio about 9 weeks ago. The goal was to help Annette’s back pain and I only wanted to be in better shape....but we are amazed by the results! We each lost about 5 kg and at the same time, we gained a good amount of muscle and a fit body shape. It is amazing what Constantin did to us in such a short amount of time. He holds fantastic classes and is pushing us to our limits! This is what it means to be a great and professional fitness trainer. We never had such a hard time in the gym, but because of him we kept on going and that really shows his capabilities as a trainer! We highly recommend the COLBERG FITNESS studio.

    colberg fitness review 4


    Constantin is a highly professional coach with 100% commitment!

    He always finds solutions for any kind of problem and brings maximum flexibility for individual needs. If you train with Constantin and are willing to train hard and follow the recommendations, training, and nutrition plans, you can achieve all your goals with him in no time! Also from China to Germany, the personal coaching worked perfectly and Constantin always answered to my full satisfaction within 12 hours. My absolute recommendation!

    colberg fitness review 4

    Young Warrior

    I sent my 12-year-old son to do personal training in Beijing with Constantin after realizing that PE class at school is not enough to provide the amount of movement he needed.

    He has been doing personal training in Beijing with Constantin for the last ten months, and I can clearly see the changes. He became much stronger and fitter. Without exaggeration, he is the strongest boy in his class now! Moreover, he improved his performance in the Spartan Race, which is also related to the training program, which includes lots of coordination work.

    The best of all is that my son has lots of fun going to the training and he has never voluntarily canceled one class! Constantin has become a real buddy to my son and I'm happy I brought him here.

    colberg fitness review 4


    Lieber Constantin, jetzt habe ich es doch nicht mehr geschafft die letzte Woche vorbei zu kommen …. War aber fleißig, habe im Kempinski Sport gemacht und auf das Essen geachtet ..: aktuell 102kg! Dir möchte ich herzlich danken für all die schönen und anstrengenden Stunden … es war toll einen Trainer wie dich zu haben mit viel Leidenschaft und Motivation das war eine super Hilfe!! Bleib so wie du bist. Dir und deiner Familie alles alles Gute für die Zukunft.

    colberg fitness review 4


    Constantin Colberg and his concept of coaching and body shaping are one of a kind.


    By the time I met Constantin, I had some experience with personal trainers and had tried various diets, but for years had been unable to regain or maintain my weight and fitness goals. I was frustrated and one step away from giving up.


    That changed instantly during my first trial training. Constantin asks questions and listens carefully to what you say, yet he observes what your body tells him even more closely.


    His approach is highly tailored, targeted, and holistic. As such, he designed a program around my needs and looked at everything from training to nutrition, sleep, and general health. When I had issues with my hips and shoulders, he was always able to give advice and help me to strengthen and heal faster.


    Over a few months, I lost 20% of my body weight and gained muscle mass, strength, and stamina. As goalposts shift, I feel like a better version of myself again and am not done. I could never have achieved this alone and with such concern for my long-term health and safety. I am incredibly grateful and cannot recommend Constantin Colberg Training enough.


    colberg fitness review 4


    Ich kann das Training mit Constantin uneingeschränkt empfehlen und jedem ans Herz legen, der seine Kondition bzw. körperliche Verfassung nachhaltig verbessern möchte. Es ist auf die individuellen körperlichen Voraussetzungen sowie auf die persönlichen Bedürfnisse/Ziele (bei mir Muskelaufbau Knie sowie Stärkung Rücken-/Baumuskulatur) perfekt abgestimmt. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit werden die Ergebnisse nicht nur sichtbar, sondern auch spürbar. In meinem Fall heißt das, dass sich meine Kniestabilität enorm verbessert hat und ich seitdem keine Beschwerden an Bandscheibe sowie Rücken mehr habe, obwohl ich die meiste Zeit des Tages am Schreibtisch verbringe.


    Constantin ist ein großartiger Motivator und zudem ein sehr angenehmer Gesprächspartner mit langjähriger China-Erfahrung. Für Fragen zur passenden Ernährung steht er mir jederzeit mit Rat zur Seite. Es macht einfach ungemein Spaß, mit ihm gemeinsam Ziele zu erreichen. Das wöchentliche Training ist für mich zu einem wichtigen Ausgleich zur Arbeitswoche geworden.


    Neben den spezifischen Bedürfnissen hat sich ebenso meine Gesamtkondition sowie Konzentrationsfähigkeit (vor allem bei langen Arbeitstagen) erheblich verbessert, was bei mir zu einer noch effizienteren Arbeitsweise geführt hat. Frank

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    Maximize your results:

    "Shape It and Live It"

    In this book, you will learn essential training and nutrition strategies to get fit and stay lean forever. This includes fundamental knowledge such as muscle activation, exercise execution, and physiological adaptations as well as important knowledge about the two body-shaping hormones insulin and cortisol. You will further see how slight changes in your diet will optimize your nutrition to maximize fat loss and muscle-building results.

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