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    You want results and we have the solution: professional training programming, nutrition advice and lifestyle optimization.

    Mit uns erreichst du deine Fitnessziele! Ein auf dich zugeschnittenes und zielbasiertes Trainingsprogramm, Ernaehrungsberatung sowie Lifestyleoptimierung.

    Constantin Colberg Fitness Training Personal Training Peking Beijing


    COLBERG Fitness was opened in 2016 by former German Bodybuilding Champion Constantin Colberg. Here you will find motivation, professionalism and the best place to realize your goals. Everything you learn here will stay with you forever. Our team consists of local and several international coaches.


    COLBERG Fitness wurde 2016 von Constantin Colberg, ehemaliger Deutscher Bodybuilding Meister, eroeffnet und ist das einzig deutsch gefuehrte Studio in China. Unsere Mitglieder schaetzen unseren Service und Professionalitaet. Das COLBERG Fitness Team hat enormen Spass daran unseren Mitgliedern Tag fuer Tag zu einem gesuenderen Koerper zu verhelfen. Wir haben lokale als auch internationale Trainer.



    Fitness Training Personal Training Peking Beijing Group Fitness Beijing


    Personal Trainer, Training during Pregnancy



    Founder and Head Trainer

    GER, E, CH

    Fitness Training Personal Training Peking Beijing Group Fitness Beijing


    Personal Trainer, Body Shaping


  • Personal Trainer Peking Personal Training Beijing

    Personal Training in Beijing

    We help you to plan for success

    When it comes to training and nutrition, the most valuable help will come from a trainer who understands your needs and your situation. Only then will you make the fastest progress possible. A personalized approach to health will save you time and energy.

    Unser Team von personal Trainern wird dich bei der Trainingsplanung sowie Ernaehrungsoptimierung mit weitreichendem Fachwissen unterstuetzen. Spare Zeit und Energie und lasse dich von Profis "mitnehmen".


    Fitness Training Personal Training Peking Beijing Group Fitness Beijing

    Shared Personal Trainer Class

    Work out with friends

    In our Shared Personal Trainer Class with around 6 people, you will have different workouts every time. You can choose between our signature weight training sessions to shape your body, high intensity training for super fast fat loss and our BOOM! class which is a mix of cardio and resistance training for ultimate fat loss.


    In unseren Kleingruppen Personal Trainings erhaelst du die Aufmerksamkeit eines ausgebildeten Personal Trainers, der dir hilft Uebungen zu korrigieren und effektiver zu trainieren. Du kannst unsere Signature Gewichtstrainingskurse besuchen oder an unseren HIIT und BOOM! Kursen teilnehmen.


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    colberg fitness review 1


    I strongly believe, for the attractiveness of a person, it is the heart that counts and the brain, not the bodyfat. I totally love training at Colberg Fitness nevertheless. Tim selects exercises for me that make me explore my power and its limits. This reminds me every time that I must take good care of myself.

    colberg fitness review 2


    Ich gehe sehr gerne in Colberg Fitness weil der ehemalige deutsche Bodybuilding Meister von 2017 genau weiß was er macht. Keiner kann so gezielt Körper definieren wie er. Außerdem ist das Training ganzheitlich. Das bedeutet es wird auch über die richtige Ernährung, den Schlaf und Gewohnheiten gesprochen. Es ist ein sehr sauberes Studio und das Publikum ist auch sehr ausgesucht. Hier trainieren nur Leute die langfristig auch wirklich ein Ziel erreichen wollen. Das ist alles sehr motivierend und sorgt für eine gute Stimmung. Am meisten Beeindruckt mich die Disziplin was der Trainier aus einem Kunden rausholen kann. Von meiner eigenen Motivation wär ich da nie hin gekommen, wo der Trainier mich hinbringt und zwar jede Stunde.



    I love going to Colberg Fitness because the former German Bodybuilding Champion from 2017 knows exactly what he is doing. No one can define bodies as precisely as he can. The training is also holistic. That means we also talk about the right nutrition, sleep and habits. It is a very clean studio and the audience is also very selected. Only people who really want to reach a goal in the long run train here. This is all very motivating and creates a good atmosphere. What impresses me the most is the discipline that the trainer can get out of a customer. From my own motivation I would never have achieved where the trainer takes me - every hour.


    colberg fitness review 3


    Colberg Fitness has given me the professional guidance and encouragement to help me meet my goals. Trainings are perfectly designed to identify and target muscles, or muscle groups, in a balanced regime that is uniquely suited to my needs. As I steadily gain strength, I am also growing in confidence and developing a passion for fitness and health. I could not have done this alone. The attention and care I receive from Colberg trainers has made all of this possible.

    colberg fitness review 4


    I’ve been training at Constantin’s studio for over 1.5 years and came with no experience in weight training. I have learned to push myself and felt my body change. I have become stronger and posture has improved a lot. Constantin and his team of personal Trainers have devised a training plan and a diet that is designed for my body type and that never gets boring. And most importantly: without Constantin and Tim pushing me to my limit, I would not be where I am today in terms of fitness and strength.

    colberg fitness review 4


    I joined COLBERG Fitness about 9 weeks ago and lost about 4kg but at the same time I gained a good amount of muscle. Finally I can wear my dresses from 5 years ago! A wonderful service and very professional staff. They provided me with fantastic classes as well as with nutrition advice. I can highly recommend this studio.

    colberg fitness review 4


    It's the combination of very professional private training, advice on smart and healthy nutrition, and true friendship with a unique group of personalities at Colberg Fitness, which make for such an excellent experience. Having exercised here for more than one year, I really like the results I am seeing. In the end I know it still is my own achievement, because I am the one sweating and the one controlling my cravings, but it's good to have this support to become who you really can be.

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