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Personalized Training Programs

Instead of a "one training fits all" solution, you will receive a 100% personalized program based on your needs. The difference is no risk for injury, posture improvement, and balanced muscle development of your stronger and weaker body parts. Moreover, you will not feel burned out, but instead, feel energized and are primed to get the most out of the least amount of work.

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Meal Plans Made for You Only

Based on over twenty years of experience, your meal plans are simple, easy to use, and highly effective. Whether you have allergies or don't eat certain foods, your meal plans will be developed for your needs, including your meal timing throughout the day. Learn the fundamentals of nutrition, and use these easy to use techniques to stay healthy and feel great, long-term without the rebound effect.

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Get Inspired and Start Grinding

The mental component is often neglected by many. But if you ask yourself how your body can change if your mind doesn't change, you can clearly see the connection. Through this program, consistent interaction with your coach, and regular milestone setting, you will feel more confident to achieve your vision and put in the necessary effort. Positive change always starts from within.

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Constantin Colberg

German Bodybuilding Champion with Over Twenty Years of Experience

I have seen thousands of people inside and outside the gym who wished to change their lives but never did. Those who decided to make the necessary adjustments to their lives had, most of the time, incredible success. 

My mission is to bring every one of my members to their limits and beyond, so they can become who they want to be. The key to progress is your attitude. You transform positively toward your vision if you consistently give your best over a reasonable period of time. 

With over twenty years of experience and lots of mistakes made during this time, I got something to share with you. It's never going to be easy, but a helping hand can make all the difference. I am your coach on your journey. I love helping those who decide to get to the next level and change their mindset to realize physical changes they never imagined possible. 

It is my wish that you become the best version of yourself. I will support you on your way to success. It is never too late to start because when you look back on your past self, you will always wish that you had started earlier with everything that positively impacts your life.

Who is This Online Program for?

Both beginners and advanced trainees should notice the importance of fundamentals in training techniques. Their goal should always be to stay away from injuries and make the most significant progress in the least amount of time possible. For those who believe that injuries won't make us stronger and that time is the most valuable thing besides health, I suggest focussing on perfect exercise execution. I can't emphasize this aspect enough; only the correct technique minimizes injury and maximizes body-shaping results. Most of the things you see people do at the gym are inaccurate. That's ignorance on the highest level. We must all protect our bodies by using our brains when planning workouts, during training, and during recovery time.

This program is for those who:

  • are eager to transform themselves into a better version; women and men
  • have tried to get fit but never succeeded
  • want to change their appearance naturally and long-term
  • believe that exercising regularly is the best way to stay healthy
  • have had injured themselves before when working out and want to avoid it in the future
  • have lost weight in the past but regained everything and more
  • want to shape their body to look good in swimming wear
  • feel unhealthy and soft
  • want to build muscle to shape the body naturally
  • understand that nutrition is key but don't know how to eat best for their body type
  • have painful joints and want to train to improve it
  • want to keep young and fresh forever
  • pursue a body and mind transformation toward a better self
  • just started to work out and need professional guidance
  • have been working out for many years but can't get to the next level

Whether you have trained for two months or ten years, I can help you to get to the next level to get closer to achieving your vision. I have had someone who trained by himself for over nine years. The first time he came to me, we worked out according to his training level, he said he had never imagined that he could train like that, nor did he know how to train like what I had shown him. Don't get me wrong, what I do looks easy, and is by far not magic, but that's true for professional football players as well as for formula 1 racers, it never looks difficult, especially not when it's done right.

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What is the maximum amount of weight I can lose per month?

It has been shown, that fat loss of 0.5kg to 1.5kg per week or 2kg up to 6kg per month, is healthy and reduces the risk of losing muscle mass. That means the chance of a rebound when training stops for a certain time, is extremely low. Whereas "regular" dieting, as you know it from magazines, is prone to let you lose lots of muscle mass and regain more fat than you had before you started your diet.

How much muscle will I build?

Building muscle is pure science and many things must come together to "convince" the body to turn protein into muscle mass. For women, it takes longer to build muscle than for men, but generally speaking, you will only build muscle if you train for it. Weight training is the key to shaping the muscles of your body. Depending on the individual circumstance, gaining 0.5kg to 6kg of muscle per year is the range I have seen regularly over the years.

Will I get fat if I stop training?

No, you will not get fat if you stop training. What makes us fat is the lack of movement plus excessive food intake. If you cannot train for some reason, then you need to cut down your daily food intake. We don't get fat from breathing air and eating healthy foods. A daily surplus in calorie intake, on the other hand, will make you fat over time. Think of an empty bucket, which you fill with 10ml water daily. If you keep doing it for 365 days, you will end up with 3650ml water in the bucket or 3.65kg more weight. The same is true for calories coming from pizza, ice-cream, or donuts.



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