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How to avoid the most common mistake in people's nutrition

Over the last couple of years, I have seen many people who slowly gained weight without realizing it initially. It may only be one kilogram every two months, but after two years, that adds up to 12 kilograms more on the scale! There may be several reasons for such dramatic weight gain, and one of them, I assume, is stress. 

Gaining weight because of stress has two sides to the medal. First, people tend to move less because they have less time to move. That's a convenient aspect, but for many, it is hard to achieve even 5000 steps of walking per day! In many cases, people give up on their hobbies because of their workload. Lack of movement is the number one reason for weight gain, and the solution to that is to make time for yourself. The minimum amount of exercise I suggest is fitting in a 20-minute workout after getting up three times per week. If you could add another 40 minutes of walking or 30min running per day, that would assure you reach your 10000 steps per day. The effect is that you burn calories and excrete dopamine in your brain, which leads to a better mood, reduces stress, and makes you feel better. Moreover, when you walk around and work out, you are too busy to eat. Many people eat because of boredom and exercising is the best medicine against boredom!

Secondly, stress often leads people to eat more. This has physiological and psychological reasons to it. You have heard about cortisol, a stress hormone that gets released when you have physical or mental stress and when you are hungry. I have seen many people who don't eat breakfast have a delayed lunch and a super big dinner after coming back from work. It is a mix of misguided eating routines and stressful eating. People say they are not hungry in the morning, often because they overeat in the evening. They eat a lot in the evening because they don't eat enough throughout the day. Their bodies pull in the missing calories by eating high-caloric foods, such as sweets or heavily fried foods. The key here is a change of routines. 

Fitness training is more than just doing a couple of squats. It is about changing the perspective and developing better routines and habits.

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