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Getting ready for her wedding losing 24% body fat!

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When I met Verena at the end of May of this year at the German Soccer Tournament, we were "booth neighbors" and she greeted me adding: "Yes, I would have to start with sports again...especially now, before my wedding! But I actually have no time and somehow I always lack the right motivation."

So we kept talking throughout the day and it turned out that her desire to do something for her health, especially before her wedding, was greater than initially thought.

At the end of the day Verena said to me: "Give me your WeChat contact, I'll start working out next week! Once a week group workouts and once or twice a week personal training."

One week later we did a check-up at Colberg Fitness...

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Now we had a starting point to work with. We talked about her goal first. No time to waste. Next step: Target definition. Not so easy, after all, a goal should always be defined according to SMART, as we all know from work. Add paragraph text here.

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At Colberg Fitness, we always consider personal situtations and preferences to develop a personalized solution.

We had to do two things:

Firstly, we needed a diet plan. Here we are not talking about a specific plan, but rather about choices as well as clear specifications of the daily kilocalories needs. Verena has many business lunches; she is on the road for a long time. Thus, she mostly goes to the restaurant and seldomely cooks by herself. A proper plan would therefore be difficult to implement. Eating with focus on kilocalories and switching her diet to low carb, however, was certainly within her possibilities.

That is exactly what we did. Including her daily activities, Verena has a calorie requirement of about 2016 Kcal. In order to reach her target in the given time, Verena went down to 1400 Kcal daily. Before every meal she had a big glass of water. Carbohydrates were almost only available for breakfast. Verena's diet included lots of vegetarian protein and vegetables.

Secondly, she needed a proper workout program. Because even in training "if success is your plan, plan for success!". In order to be successful in the long term and to make sure she will look awesome in her wedding dress, we chose a mix of HIIT and strength training for Verena.


Example Training Plan

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We followed up with her first workouts and regular body checks. Small successes came after the first 14 days: Verena had lost 1.8% body fat and built up almost 1 kg of muscle mass. A really strong performance.

It got really exciting for Verena with the internal Colberg Fitness Challenge "Biggest Looser". We wanted to find out which of our members can lose the most body fat percentage in 4 weeks. Verena was eager to win this challenge!

Everyone has their own source of motivation such as feeling better in their own body, wanting to wear their old jeans size again and many other reasons I could list down here. For Verena it was incredibly motivating to compete against others during these four weeks. She is a very competitive person and this is one of the strongest energy booster you can provide her with. As Will Smith famously said: "Nobody can outwork me. Nobody beats me on the treadmill, you either get of the treadmill or I die on the treadmill!". Welcome to Verena's world.

In the following 4 weeks we had a strong start, intensified her workout and paid even more attention to her diet. Verena has gone to her limit in every workout, got to know her body intensively and realized that her body can sometimes go beyond her previously believed limits. But above all, Verena had fun exercising, obviously supported by her early success!

Result of the" Biggest Looser" Challenge... She made it into the top 3!!

But much more important at this point is the result of her personal achievement: she reduced her original 27.3% body fat, to 20.7%! A fantastic result in this period of only 7 weeks.

Verena has achieved her personal goal! Does she stop now? Quite the opposite, her challenge has just begun!

All the best for our member Verena!

What is your personal goal? Let's attack it together and make sure you're successful too. Feel free to contact us by scanning the QR code below, give us a call +86 13683580963 or email us at

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